Respond to God’s calling to be the Golden Lampstand in North America, keep our light shining in this world through the revival of Christian by:

1. Proclaiming the Gospel by connecting with local churches in North America to coordinate united evangelical events and planting churches
2. Following the footsteps of Jesus in caring for the needy, working with partner organization to care for left-behind children in China
3. Mobilizing Chinese believers to pay the debt of Gospel by evangelizing to the local American people

1. 傳福音: 與各地區教會協進舉辦佈道會,推動植堂,廣傳天國的福音 (太24:14)。
2. 效法基督:關愛各地的貧窮兒童,與伙伴機構密切合作,提供青少年領袖力訓練營會 (太25:40)。
3. 推動北美新大陸的屬靈復興:不住地祈禱,北美华人信徒要還福音的債,向本土人仕傳福音。(帖前5:16-18)