GLS 301 特別課程推介: 開創國度企業:基督徒的使命 How to be a Christian Entrepreneur

  • Have you thought about starting a Christian business? 
  • Do you want to learn how to be a Christian entrepreneur? 
  • How do you know it is your calling?  How can you hear God’s voice? 
  • What are the biblical principles?
  • Do you have what it takes to start a Kingdom business? 
  • What are the steps? 

If these are your questions, you should plan to attend this exciting seminar/webinar


本課程將強調開創國度企業,基督徒創業的聖經基礎,提供開創和維持基督徒國度事業的實際應用原則。 929日的課程將介紹一個10週的課程系列,給那些想要開創基督徒國度事業,成為基督徒企業家的人考慮參加。

教師: Mr. Gerry Lachance & Mother Barbara Lachance (基督燈台事工學院教師)
日期 : 2018年9月29日週六
時間: 早9:00 am – 12:00 pm(美東時區)/ 晚 9:00  – 12:00(北京時區)
學時: 3學時 (1 /4學分)
地址 : Glory Chapel International Cathedral, 221 Greenfield St, Hartford, CT 06120

Zoom視頻教室 (
Zoom號碼 :微信群報名後告知


How to be a Christian Enterpreneur 開創國度企業:基督徒的使命 

Date: Sept 29, Saturday

Time: 9 am to 12 noon (ET) / 9 pm to 12 am (BT)

Location: Glory Chapel International Cathedral, 221 Greenfield St, Hartford 06120 (Live broadcast via zoom) 

This is a 3 hour special class taught by Mr. Gerry LaChance and Mother Barbara Lachance, right here in Hartford, Connecticut (Bios included in flyers attached).

Instruction language in English,  with Mandarin translation

Please set your time aside for this class taught by experienced business professionals who have been there and done that!

Free-will offering will be accepted.

Hurry up and sign up!  More details are available online by registration CLICKING HERE:

May God bless you!  Please feel free to pass this along.

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